Improve Your Skills as A Real Estate Agent with These Tips

As a realtor, you need to continuously work on your skills to stand out from other realtors in your area and provide the best guidance and service to your clients.

Here we discuss some of the skills you should continuously work on to improve your relationships with your clients, amplify your local authority as a real estate agent, and bring in more business!

1. Communicate Effectively

Effective communication is about more than just being personable with your client. It’s about learning how often and how quickly they expect to hear from you as well as knowing what kind of information they are seeking to receive from you.

Start on the right foot by asking your client what their communication expectations are. Would they like you to email them new listings as soon as they are available? Do they expect you to text back immediately or just some time on the same day? Would they prefer phone calls to text or email? All of these are important questions to ask to make sure you and your client communicate effectively!

2. Network Constantly

Homebuyers and sellers are likely looking for realtors that can do more than sell their property or find their dream home. Most likely they are reaching out so you can help facilitate the process with your expertise and connections.

A great realtor will have connections they can refer to buyers and sellers. Be ready with names of great contractors you trust and can help a seller with housing contingency repairs. Offer suggestions to the buyer for gardeners in the area or inspectors you have worked with previously.

Having these connections will also help you find more clients. If you refer a local service to a buyer/seller, that service provider will likely refer their clients to you in the future!

3. Negotiate Wisely

As a real estate agent, you should work on your negotiation skills and stay informed on market trends so you can help your clients make appealing offers. They will also want to know how to get the best deal possible. Take the time to explain negotiation strategies so your homebuyers can make better offers and your home sellers can better access which ones are most competitive.

A few points you may want to discuss are the pros and cons of buying with cash (or for sellers, choosing a cash offer), contingencies to choose or wave in an offer (or contingencies that make offers less/more desirable), and when to drop a deal and move on.

4. Go The Extra Mile

Don’t just think of a seller or a buyer as a one-time transaction. The connection you make with your clients is crucial for future referrals and networking! If they like you, they are more likely to write good reviews, recommend you to their friends, or even use you next time they buy or sell their property.

After a sale, consider buying the new homeowner a housewarming gift to show your appreciation. Keep in touch by sending yearly holiday cards or send them an email every now and then to see how they are doing.

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