Thinking About Selling Your Home? Now Is A Good Time

Thinking About Selling Your Home? Now Is A Good Time

You’ve probably heard someone refer to the real estate market as a “seller’s market” recently. That term comes from the fact that there are plenty of buyers looking for homes but a shortage of sellers, meaning that as a seller, you have the power to get great value for your home sale!

In case you are still debating if selling would be ideal, here are two questions to ask yourself before deciding if it’s the right time:

Is My Area Currently A “Seller’s Market”?

One of the most important indicators of market conditions is the average number of days a home is on the market. The less time they are posted, the more it indicates that homes are in shortage and that you could get a great value for your home. Other indicators include market absorption rates, number of closed transactions year-over-year for a given month, average sale prices, and the average list price to sale price ratios.

When you submit your seller’s information to Haitian Realty, a real estate agent will reach out and help you access your local market. We will connect you with a Haitian Realty near you.

Is My Home Ready to Go on The Market?

Prepping your home before putting it up for sale is crucial! Do you think it is ready to be shown as it is now? If not, we recommend taking the time to declutter and freshen it up before putting it on the market. Simple tasks, like applying a fresh coat of paint throughout the house can make a world of difference when you go to list your home for sale.

Work With a Haitian Realty to Sell Your Home

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